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Envista can help you translate your strategic goals into enterprise, service, system and security architectures. These blue prints, which provide the foundational building blocks for systems design and delivery, communicate your future technology and security state and the corresponding ICT services your ICT platform will deliver to your users.

While interrelated, we focus our services on four primary areas of practice:

      • Enterprise Architecture
      • Service Architecture
      • System Architecture
      • Security Architecture

While we offer discrete services within each of these practice areas, our engagements commonly require the employment of all three in concert due to the nature of projects.

Our Architecture services are tailored as necessary to fit the size and complexity of the problem or project at hand. Our services follow a systematic methodology to capture and map out the relevant aspects of the business and technology domains in a structured approach. While architectures are typically presented graphically, underpinning this is the capture, derivation and documentation of the business and functional requirements in unambiguous and concise terms. These validate the target system or service objective and form the basis from which the corresponding delivery is based upon thereby ensuring verification and validation of the delivered ICT solutions can occur.

Envista ensures that you are in a position to accurately and unmistakably determine that you’ve got what you have asked for once the solution has been built in the delivery stage of the development lifecycle.

We know what works (and what doesn’t) and understanding how architectures transcribe into tangible delivery is a core component of what we do.

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